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Egypt Green – Mansouria

It is the leading farm in producing high standard indoor and outdoor ornamental plants for the local and international markets. The farm was supervised, since it started, by specialized Dutch experts, which made it convenient for the management to send its engineers and technicians for training nurseries in Holland.

Thus, the farm has become equipped with the most sophisticated and up to date technological and scientific agricultural equipment.

Egypt green (Safwat Habib ) farm is located in Mansouria, Imbaba,Giza/Egypt on an area of 28 acres, employing more than 80 professional engineers and more than 200 employees.


Egypt Green – El Shorouk  

It is one of the leading farms in producing fruits and vegetables and it has 2 nurseries; one is for fruits and the other for ornamental plants.

The farm hosts foreign experts and communes with local and international scientific institutes in order to gather information on the best techniques to upgrade and expand the farm.

Special unit for packing grapes was established and acquired recognition of approval for high quality.

Accordingly, in 2003 the farm received the Euro GAP certificate (Good Agricultural Practice)    for grapes and oranges.

Egypt Green (El Shorouk) farm is located on an area of 550 acres at the km 72 of the Cairo/Alexandria desert road, employing over 60 professional engineers, more than 200 people.


  1. Fruit Nursery
  2. Ornamental Nursery

Fruit Nursery Produce:

  1. Citrus
  2. Mango
  3. Grapes

Ornamental Nursery Produce:

  1. Outdoor Trees
  2. Indoor Pot Plants

With Egypt’s geographical position and its mild climate, we are given a wide window of opportunity of exporting to Europe, as we are capable to produce a large variety of fruits and vegetables in the middle of the European winter season.

Additionally we have two fully operative nurseries one for fruits, and the other for ornamental plants, the reputation of our fruit production puts us in a leading position in the Egyptian market, as for the ornamental plants, we may proudly state that we are the biggest producer in Egypt and have successfully managed to export primarily to Arab and to some European countries.