Our Story

Egypt Green Farm, established in 1983 by Safwat Habib in Mansouria, Egypt, stands as a prominent nursery specializing in the cultivation of indoor and outdoor plants, with a focus on ornamental varieties. Renowned as the largest indoor growers and producers in the region, the farm takes pride in its dedication to quality and expertise. Beyond catering to local markets, Egypt Green Farm also engages in exporting its diverse range of plants. This longstanding establishment not only contributes to the ornamental beauty of indoor and outdoor spaces but also plays a significant role in the horticultural industry both nationally and internationally.

Meet the team

Safwat Habib

Mr. Safwat Habib, a gentleman with a vision. He started his business career working with Siemens AEG, establishing the successful office in Egypt. He then opted to branch his work in the field of agriculture in 1982 he established Egypt Green Farm in Mansoureya. This company enjoyed the academic support from Egyptian Universities and the consultancy of experts from the Netherlands. It was the first to bring indoor and outdoor ornamental plants in Egypt. He established a long tradition over 40 years of innovation and excellence.

Safwat Habib’s plant nursery in Mansoureya established itself as a brand in the local market and exported to many markets regionally and globally. His exhibits in agriculture fairs have earned international recognition.

The responsibility to continue managing Egypt Green has now been taken over by Mr. Habib’s family. We pledge to maintain the standard and the innovative practices of this legacy for generations to come.