Syngonium podophyllumgreen



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14cm, 20cm


Bright, Indirect



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The Syngonium species that is grown the most frequently is Syngonium podophyllum. This plant thrives very well indoors and is native to many tropical and subtropical regions, from Mexico all the way down to Bolivia. It has large, increasingly arrow-shaped leaves that are a prolific grower. As the plant matures, lobes will start to form. After clumping initially, the arrowhead vine will eventually want to climb, so if you want to keep your plant small, prune (and propagate!) it; if you want to see it change shape, put it on a shelf or a hanging pot. Generally speaking, all S. podophyllum cultivars make excellent beginner plants because they are low maintenance and tolerant of some neglect. These plants typically grow in bright, indirect light, though those with darker leaves can tolerate lower light levels. Although these plants frequently grow in semi-aquatic environments in the wild and can therefore tolerate higher moisture levels, to prevent them from spending an extended period of time in a saucer of water.
In the warmer months, a dose of half-strength fertilizer applied every two weeks will help the arrowhead vine.