Passiflora Edulis



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A genus of species that includes a majority of evergreen tendril climbers as well as a few annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees.
In most cases, the leaves are alternate, simple elliptic to rounded or broadly ovate, and frequently have noticeable glands on the margins or stalks.
The upper leaf axils are the primary source of the exotic flowers, which are typically produced singly or in racemes.
Each has ten, occasionally five, tepals that spread out flat, reflex, or take the form of a saucer or bowl, as well as a broad, tubular base.
The stamens and ovaries are located on a stalk in the center of each flower, which is encircled by one or more rings of fleshy filaments (the corona).
The size of the edible, typically yellow, ovoid to spherical fruits varies greatly. For covering a wall or trellis, hardy species are ideal.