Epipremnum stick



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60cm, 80cm, 100cm


Low, Moderate




2 inch

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This gorgeous devil is one of the easiest and lowest maintenance indoor plants you will ever find. Epipremnum aureum thrives in practically any setting, whether trailing or trained on hooks on a wall, or forming a thick canopy of foliage. It is thought that the plant’s common name, devil’s ivy, came about as a result of its near-impossibility to destroy status, which, by any standard, makes it a fantastic houseplant. With little effort from you, this quickly expanding vine can reach an incredible 20 meters (66 feet) in length. This resilient vine is forgiving to those of us who have a propensity for neglect because of its tenacity. It can even resist periods of drought and will do so joyfully. Having saying that, try to avoid abusing its relaxed atmosphere. It can grow well with bright, indirect light and routine watering. Between drinks, let the top 2 to 5 cm (1/2 to 2 inches) of soil dry out because roots left in soggy potting soil will quickly rot. It is simple to propagate by stem cutting: just cut a stem with 5-7 leaves, 2-3 cm (-1% in) below a leaf node. Put the stem in water after removing the bottom leaves. It is ready for planting in soil once the roots have spread out to a length of about 6 cm (212 in). Devil’s ivy can thrive in water as well; just make sure to replace it frequently. There is an Epipremnum aureum cultivar to suit everyone, from the common gold and green variegated golden devil’s ivy to the light green neon pothos and the chic white- and green-speckled marble queen.