Hoya Carnosa krimson Queen



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Low, Moderate


Bright, Indirect

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This undemanding hoya, which gracefully trails from a hanging pot, will grow happily with little maintenance in a very bright location (essential for promoting blossoms). Water your plants thoroughly every time, but make sure the soil has enough drainage so it doesn’t become too wet. It will benefit from being allowed to dry out in between waterings due to the toughness of its fleshy leaves. You will be rewarded with some spectacular blooms in the spring and summer if you take care to keep soil semi-dry during the winter. The flower of the wax plant is a lovely ball of teeny tiny five-pointed stars, and it smells as good as it looks. The wax plant prefers its roots to be tightly packed, just like the majority of epiphytic hoyas, so hold off on repotting. If you do, make sure new pot is just a little bit bigger than the old one. It is advised to fertilize consistently and regularly every two weeks in the spring and summer, especially when it’s bloom, to help promote healthy growth.