Philodendron hederaceum Brasil (Scandens Colorful )



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Bright, Indirect



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Philodendron This is a seriously low-maintenance houseplant for even the most inexperienced plant parents, With vegetation that seems to have been painted in the Brazilian flag’s colors. Similar to its green counterpart, this philodendron requires similar maintenance. It will also tolerate a variety of lighting situations, but you will need to provide a lot of bright, but indirect light to preserve the variegated foliage, which is undoubtedly the main reason you purchased the plant in the first place. This plant grows rapidly under ideal conditions, producing long, cascading vines that will quickly reach the ground. The philodendon ‘Brasil’ requires only moderate amounts of water; a thorough soak should be given to it once a week, Even though it’s always best to establish a regular watering schedule, with this generous houseplant, careless gardeners can relax.