Philodendron florida ghost



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60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm


Bright, Indirect


2 inch, 4 inch



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This plant is a hemi-epiphyte, which means it emerges from the soil, affixes to a tree, and then uses its long stem and aerial roots to climb to the top. This fast-growing tropical plant benefits most from being supported by a sturdy stake or totem because of this. Horsehead philodendrons are tropical rainforest natives that can only be grown in areas with bright, indirect light, such as southern Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia. Always water deeply and wait until the soil is nearly dry before applying more water. The large foliage needs to be kept clean to promote efficient photosynthesis and the wellbeing of this houseplant. Repotting to replenish the soil should be done every two years, but since these plants prefer to be tightly contained in their pots but you won’t have to expand the pot every time. They are toxic, like all philodendrons, so keep pets and young children away.