Schefflera Compacta stick



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80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm


Bright, Indirect




2 inch

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The Schefflera, which is a tropical beauty, is frequently referred to as the Umbrella Tree because it loses its lower leaves if allowed to grow tall, leaving behind a long, straight “trunk”, It has clusters of broad, shiny leaves. giving the plant a rounded shape that clever landscapers frequently use to conceal something, like an air conditioner. best to plant in an area that is protected from strong winds because they may cause damage. Because it can become very tall outdoors, keep trimming the plant until it is the desired height. A well-liked houseplant that improves air quality is the umbrella tree. You only need to water the plant a few times a month, and it prefers filtered sunlight indoors. Be careful around the plant with your pets because it might be poisonous if consumed.